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The Value of Research
All discerning collectors know the value of research. Research is used to find a desirable piece of militaria, verify authenticity and identify the original owner in the case of a personalized piece. A personalized piece of militaria is very desirable, but a documented personalized piece is most desirable. Research can translate into savings during the purchase process, a reduced chance of getting burned in a bad deal, and the possibility of turning a big profit upon resale of the piece. The discerning collector is familiar with both sides of the transaction equation. Discerning collectors are smart and know that research provides them with a sharp edge in an expensive competitive hobby, the consummate collector/dealer knows this best of all.


Robert E. McDivitt


My Background
Like many World War II history buffs and collectors of Third Reich militaria, I listened to the war stories of my father and his buddies. To them, Third Reich items were war trophies from the biggest war ever, and that is the way I view the subject. As a kid in the early 1960's with no knowledge about medals, I had a chance to buy a Deutsche Kreuz in Gold with a name scratched on the back or a bright blue enameled Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP. Each medal was selling for $35.00 and I only had enough money to buy one or the other; I made the wrong choice. Then I started to buy books, but over years historical research replaced my hobby of collecting medals. Just like with collecting, the fun is quest, but with research the quest is to find the key that opens the door to knowledge. My education includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in History, and graduate degrees in Library Science and Instructional Media. Employed as a Librarian from 1978 to 2012 when I retired, I started historical/biographical/militaria research in the late 1970's, first for myself and then for collectors in the early 1980's. My reputation has grown through word-of-mouth, so that I am well known within the international community of militaria collectors and dealers. However, I do not just work for collectors. I provided Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's telephone log of 30.XI.1941 for the film "Denial," a biographical drama released in 2016, and have worked with authors, other researchers, and families seeking biographical information.