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I will review all research inquiries and need digital photographs of your item (wait for instructions). After our initial contact, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect from me and what I expect of you. If you are submitting an inquiry concerning a collectible personalized item, I do not usually make statements about authenticity or financial value; acquire that information from other sources. I provide information about people, places, and political/military units associated with the Third Reich. However, feel free to contact me if your research project does not fall within the stated specialties on this website.

All fees are negotiated with you before I start a research project. Sometimes a non-refundable twenty dollars deposit will be required paid in advance and then deducted from the final fee. Research projects are usually completed within three weeks. When the project is completed, I will describe the results in general terms and state the fee. My fee is based on expended research time, expenses (usually minimal), the quantity and quality of acquired information, and in the case of a collectible piece: the added resale value. You have the option to accept or decline payment. There is no final fee in the event I fail to acquire information for you. Because of this approach, I only take on projects having the potential for success.